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Whether you like to play slot machines for fun or for profit, we’ll show you the complete workings of each online slot game – complete with playing strategies, explanation of the bonus rounds and letting you know how to unlock the special features for each specific game – and in some cases you can even play the slot games for free!

All of our reviews are personally written by the staff of this site, and we spend a lot of time playing the games to give you the best possible review. We’ll also tell you where you can play these online slots, either for free or for real cash and let you know the latest promotions that the online casinos are offering

We’ve reviewed a lot of online slot games in our time, and although a lot of people have differing ideas of what makes an excellent slot machine, in our minds there are a few that stand out above the rest. So for your ease of use, we have listed the current Top 20 online slot games on the right.

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US Friendly Slots

Its a sad fact that the US government has a bee in its bonnet about online slots, and online game players in general. Since it was first mooted in Senate a few years ago that most online gaming companies are not based in the USA and as such are not liable to the same taxation that other companies are, the USA has made it very difficult for residents of the US to play games online.

However, this is all rather boring and political when all we do is review online slot machines, but it is an important thing to be aware of.

If you are a US citizen, the opportunity for you to relax and play online slot machines is severely reduced.  The laws will eventually change, but at the moment you poor citizens are being denied the opportunity to enjoy some of the amazing online slot games that your European brothers and sisters take for granted.

The law will change eventually once the Senate has worked out a way to legalise the gaming, tax the earnings and protect your deposits, but until then Americans have got seriously limited options when it comes to playing games online.

With that in mind, this section is dedicated to those online slot machine providers that will allow US citizens to play games online. Sadly, because of the rules, our Yankie brothers and sisters wont be able to enjoy the same range of slot games that are available to us – and the irony is that a MASSIVE percentage of online games are based around US comic books or films –  but you can still play a number of pretty decent slot games online.

So clicking on the link below will take you to our section that have online slot machines that are available for US players to enjoy, where you will be able to read a full review of how the game plays along with screenshots and explanations of how the bonus rounds work. Once you have chosen a game that you want to play, then click on the links within the review to sign up and deposit to a casino and start playing.

And irrespective of how the US government feel about it – enjoy your game. We arent here to subvert or convert you, and if you are a US player then you need to be aware of the risks that playing these games can bring, but there are companies that will allow you to play, and all we are doing is showing you these companies and reviewing what they do.

View our exclusive US friendly casino section.


Free Spin Slots

If there is one thing that you should be looking for when you play any online slot machine – no matter how many lines the game has or what other features belong to it – its the option to have a Free Games round.

These rounds essentially allow you to play the game for nothing, whilst at the same time offering you the chance to generate some serious winnings.

Most online slot games that have more that 9 win lines will have the opportunity to earn these free spins, normally by spinning in three or more matching symbols and even more normally these days by spinning in three or more Scatter Win symbols. So when you choose your online slot game to play make sure that you know that the option is available.

Once you trigger the free spins round, there are a couple of ways to determine how many free spins you get. The most common is already predetermined within the game – a set amount of free spins that are triggered by spinning in the correct combination on the reels. The other way is for the game to introduce a random element to the number of free spins. This is done by allowing you to click on a number of icons in a new screen. Each icon will have a number of Free Spins hidden underneath it, and if you select these icons well you will get anything between “x” amount and “y” amount of free spins.

The other thing to look out for is an online slot game that also allows you to choose the multiplier that these free games will play at. Whenever you enter a Free Spins round they will be played at the same value as the total wager that you were playing at before you triggered it. However, some online slots will additionally pay out all winnings at an enhanced rate. This rate will be provided by a win multiplier.

The standard default for any games that do this is to pay out your free spins at 3x their normal value. However some games will pay a higher win multiplier, and some online slot machines (such as Cleopatra 2) will increase the win multiplier as you play the free spins.

Another thing to look out for is whether the free spins can be retriggered within the round. Some, but not all, online slot games will allow you to retrigger the rounds is you manage to spin in three or more bonus symbols during the free spins. Sometimes the number of free spins will be limited, but quite often they can be retriggered indefinitely.

With this in mind, click here to see all of our reviews of online slot games that contain a free spin option. Simply click on the links to read the full review of each game including screenshots – and in some cases you will be able to play the game on this site for free!. Once you have done that then simply sign up to the operator and make your first deposit – you will be awarded a bonus – and then start playing!)

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Bonus Feature Slots

Although the basic point of playing slot games online is to match reel symbols on the reels from reel 1through to reel 5, a lot of online slot games have a selection of special features that add a random element of excitement and certainly help to make the game more enjoyable. The additional features can include things like Free Spins, Scatter Wins, Wild Symbols, Stacked Wilds and Progressive Jackpots and although you may not get all the features in every game, a combination of many of these features will be available in most online slot games that have more than 1 win line.

If you are new to playing online slot games then this explanation of the different features that are available may help you to decide which online slot you find the most fun to play.

Wild Symbols – Wild symbols are a separate symbol on the reels that will substitute for any other symbol apart from those that trigger any bonus rounds. You will be able to see which symbol in a game is the Wild Symbol by clicking on the paytable where it will show you.

If you get a Wild Symbol (or Symbols) appearing between two matching symbols – so lets may matching symbol 1 is on Reel 1 on a winline and matching symbol 2 is on Reel 3 on a winline – the Wild symbol will help to complete that 3 of a kind win. Not only that, but the Wild symbol doesn’t just substitute for one symbol, but for all (apart from the bonus round ones). This means that one Wild symbols on a reel can potentially help to create multiple line wins!

Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked Wild Wymbols are a souped up version of Wild symbols and work in the same way. The only difference is that whereas traditional Wild Symbols only appear on one position on a reel, Stacked Wilds can appear on multiple positions on the same reel – and obviously, the more Wild symbols you have, the more chance you have of generating substantial multi-line wins.

Scatter Symbols

Most 10-20 line slot games will have a Scatter win. This will either be a cash prize for matching either 2 or 3 Scatter symbols, or it will trigger a bonus round for getting 3,4 or 5 of them. Scatter symbols are named because they don’t have to appear on a win line – they can appear anywhere on the reels. Scatter symbols that trigger bonus rounds are the best ones to get, so look out for this before choosing your online slot game.

Free Spins

These are great to get! Free spins are usually triggered by activating a Scatter Win (see above) and do exactly what they say on the tin. Depending on the game you are playing you will get either a fixed or random number of free spins, and in some games these free spins are paid out at a higher win rate than the usual spins. Free Spins can sometimes be retriggered during a Free Spin round, leading to huge wins. Free Spins are the most popular aspect of an online slot machine for many people.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots differ to ordinary jackpots because the value of them increases the longer that they go on for without being claimed. In a normal slot game the Jackpot with be paid out if you spin in 5 of a certain symbol across the reels. This jackpot is always fixed to a specific value. Progressive Jackpots however constantly increase – a portion of your game spin is added to the jackpot each time you or anyone else plays, and it keeps increasing until someone wins the jackpot. It is not uncommon for Progressive Jackpots to be worth millions of pounds or dollars in value – and thats why they are so popular!

So, now armed with this information about the types of features that you can find in a 10-20 win line slot game, its time for you to find a game that suits you. Simply click on one of the reviews on the left of this page or take a look at our Top 20 slot games section on the right to read a complete review of that game along with all the features that it contains and some screenshots explaining how these features work. Then click on the online casino that you want to play the game at – this will open the casino for you. Simply sign up and make your first deposit, get your bonus and start playing – and have fun!