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US Friendly Slots

These slots are U.S. Friendly and can be played by any players who reside in the United States. This is the perfect opportunity to have a great time playing online for U.S. Players.

Its a sad fact that the US government has a bee in its bonnet about online slots, and online game players in general. Since it was first mooted in Senate a few years ago that most online gaming companies are not based in the USA and as such are not liable to the same taxation that other companies are, the USA has made it very difficult for residents of the US to play games online.

However, this is all rather boring and political when all we do is review online slot games, but it is an important thing to be aware of.

If you are a US citizen, the opportunity for you to relax and play online slot games is severely reduced.  The laws will eventually change, but at the moment you poor citizens are being denied the opportunity to enjoy some of the amazing online games that your European brothers and sisters take for granted.

The law will change eventually once the Senate has worked out a way to legalise the gaming, tax the earnings and protect your deposits, but until then Americans have got seriously limited options when it comes to playing games online.

With that in mind, this section is dedicated to those online slot game providers that will allow US citizens to play games online. Sadly, because of the rules, our Yankie brothers and sisters wont be able to enjoy the same range of slot games that are available to us – and the irony is that a MASSIVE percentage of online games are based around US comic books or films –  but you can still play a number of pretty decent slot games online.

Clicking on any of the links below will take you to that slot games page, where you will be able to read a full review of how the game plays along with screenshots and explanations of how the bonus rounds work. Once you have chosen a game that you want to play, then click on the links within the review to sign up and deposit to a casino and start playing.

And irrespective of how the US government feel about it – enjoy your game. We arent here to subvert or convert you, and if you are a US player then you need to be aware of the risks that playing these games can bring, but there are companies that will allow you to play, and all we are doing is showing you these companies and reviewing what they do.