Jackpot King Slots

Jackpot King Slots

What are Jackpot King Slots?

Jackpot King slots are similar to Progressive Jackpot slots. However, unlike Progressive Jackpot slots which allow you the potential to win massive jackpots by linking multiple online slot games together, Jackpot King games are not limited to online slot games only.

Developed by a company called Blueprint Gaming, Jackpot King games take a small percentage of everyones playing stake across all the participating Jackpot King games which is placed in a communal pot. This communal pot is unique to each group of casinos (online Casinos are often owned by an overall company that operates them as separate entities) and so you might find that the Jackpot King jackpot at one casino might be different to a jackpot King jackpot in another casino.

Make sense? So, Casino A, B and C are all owned by the same company. As such their Jackpot King will be played across all three casinos. Casino D,E and F are owned by another company and their Jackpot King will be played across those casinos. As such, although the Jackpot King jackpot will be the same at Casinos A,B and C it might differ in value to Casinos D,E and F).

Goonies Jackpot King slot
King Kong Cash Jackpot King slot

OK, enough of the head hurting explanation. Most of the Jackpot King games are online slot games, but some online casinos also include a selection of Table Games and online Scratch cards. But no matter which game you are playing in the Jackpot King portfolio, the one thing you want to know is “Well, how do I win it?”.

Which is a fair enough question I guess.

You’ll play the game in the same way that you normally would, with the same rules and same paylines as usual. The only difference is that Jackpot King games have an extra symbol on them.

And this is it. Spin five of these into a winning combination on your chosen game and you are taken to a new screen. The Jackpot King screen. This screen only has this icon on it and you’ll be given a random amount of spins. Each time the reel spins this icon will land on some of the reel positions.

And they are “sticky” meaning that on subsequent spins the icons will stay where they are. This allows you to build up a number of Jackpot spin icons – and the more you get, the bigger your prize will be.

As you can see from this picture, on the right hand side of the screen there is a paytable. This shows you how much you will win depending on how many Jackpot King symbols you get. If you get 15 or more thought, then thats when the serious stuff starts to happen.

Jackpot King spinner

You’ll be taken to another screen which is simply a large multiplier reel. This will spin to determine your final win. The multiplier range from 15 x to 1000x your playing stake.

However, if you spin in the Jackpot King icon then you’ve done it – you’ve won the Jackpot King bonus!

So, thats how Jackpot King slot games work. You’re playing your usual favourite online slot in exactly the same way, with an extra feature that can spin in and earn you some serious cash. Well worth investigating eh.

Paws Of Fury Jackpot King Slot
Genie Jackpots Jackpot King Slot

Popular Jackpot King Games

Below are some of the most popular online Jackpot King slot games that you can play. Click on the link for a full review or just dive straight in and play!