MegaJackpot Slots

MegaJackpot Slots

What are MegaJackpot Slots?

MegaJackpot slots are a type of Progressive Jackpot Slot game. Like normal progressive jackpots, MegaJackpot slot games offer an additional jackpot that can be won whilst playing.

Megajackpot slot games are ordinary online slot games that have had a extra reel symbol placed into them. Getting five of these symbols on a winline will activate the MegaJackpot feature. Actually winning the MegaJackpot will depend on which game you are playing – some will award the MegaJackpot if you get five particular sumbols on a winline and some will send you to a mini game where you are given the opportunity to win. So depending on which online slot you are playing the mechanics of winning can vary slightly.

As with progressive slot games, every time a game is played a small part of your playing stake is placed into a communal pot. This pot will continue to increase until it is won. Its pretty easy to know if you are playing a MegaJackpot slot as they tend to have a massive “MegaJackpot” icon on the home screen and the MegaJackpot amount is visible above the main gaming screen. If that wasnt enough, the additional reel symbol that is inserted into these slot games is (unsurprisingly enough) a massive “MegaJackpot” symbol.

Siberian Storm megajackpot slot

MegaJackpot slots, like progressive slots are a feature in both real world and online casinos.

The games that you play can vary in title and also across groups of Casinos. For example, the Grosvenor Casino Group also own Mecca Bingo, so if you are playing a MegaJackpot game at either of these properties – both online and offline – everyone who is playing at one of these casinos will be contributing to the MegaJackpot each time they spin. This can mean that a MegaJackpot at one group of online casinos can differ to a Megajackpot at another group of casinos.

MegaJackpot slots work in the same way as Jackpot King slots – you are still playing your favuorite online slot game, it just has an extra reel symbol in it that gives you the chance to win a massive Progressive Jackpot!

Wheel of Firtune Megajackpot slot
wolf moon megajackpot slot

Popular MegaJackpot Games

Below are some of the most popular online MegaJackpot slot games that you can play. Click on the link for a full review or just dive straight in and play!