Latest Online Slot Reviews

Latest Online Slot Reviews

Online slot games have come a long way since they were first invented.

When Charles Fey, a car mechanic at the time, built a mechanical machine called “Liberty Bell” it was a lot different to the online slot games that you see today. Comprising of three spinning reels with just four symbols (a Heart, a Diamond, a Spade and a Liberty Bell – Charles obviously had no love for Clubs),  it created something of a stir in 1898 New Jersey.

The Liberty Bell was not the first slot machine – others were available in the 1880s, but they required an attendant to be present to make a payout, which were usually tickets or tokens.

latest online slot reviews

In 1893 Gustav Schultze (who Charles would eventually form a company with) invented a mechanical machine called the “Horseshoe Slot Machine” that automatically dispensed the tickets or toekns, meaning that an attendant wasnt needed. Charles modified this machine to pay out actual cash and the slot machine as we know it was born.

Because gambling was illegal in California, Charles Fey was unable to get a patent on his machine, meaning that many rival machines were made, giving rise to the slot machine industry we have today

New Online Slot Games

These days there are literally thousands of slot games in pubs, bars, casinos and of course online. They range in style from simple three reel slots that hark back to the feel of Charles Feys original invention all the way through to online slot games with over 100,000 winlines. Many are themed, and all work off the same general idea – match the symbols on the reels to receive a reward. Below are the latest online slot games that are available for you to play.

Remember - play Online Slot Games sensibly

Remember that playing the latest online slot games is meant to be fun. Online casinos take their responsibilities very seriously and dont like the negative image that is associated with gambling addicts. With this in mind when you sign up to an online casino you will be given the option of setting yourself some limits in the way you play. Thy are all optional, but it might be wise to set some up so that you dont spend more than you want to. The online casinos will also send you regular emails to check that you are playing in the way that you want to and that you arent letting your fun get out of control.

If you feel that you are spending too much money at an online casino there are ways that you can change this. Firstly you can lower your limits, which can be done when you log in and go to your profile. Secondly you can “self exclude” – this will let the casino know that you dont want to play, and you can set the time that you want to self exclude for. This can be from days to forever. You can also set spending limits within your profile settings to help you stay in control.

Finally there are external sites out there that are specifically set up to help you if you feel that you are starting to have a problem with your spending. The site that is most specific to this is which has a lot of resources and help should you need it.

Finally, dont forget to follow the Golden Rules of Online Gambling – never play when you are tired, emotional or drunk. Dont play with more money than you have, and most importantly – never use online gambling as a way to get out of debt. Follow these simple rules and your online gambling experience (and in this case your online slot game experience) will continue to be a pleasant one.

Take care and good luck with those spins!