Monopoly Electric Wins

    Number of Reels


    Number of Win Lines


    Wild Symbols

    Yes – Wins can be high multipliers

    Free Spins

    4-16 – Can retrigger within feature

    Multiplier Wins

Wild multipliers are added for  bigger wins (3 Wilds with x2 value give x6 win for example)

    Scatter Wins


    Additional Bonus Rounds

Not really – 8 reel modifiers depending on where you land on the board

    Collapsing/Cascading Reels


    Expanding Reels


Monopoly Electric Wins Online Slot Game

Monopoly Electric Wins is a hardcore online slot. Lets be under no illusions about that. Normally when I’m writing about online slots its a simple case of explaining the reels, the reel symbols and how to win. Monopoly Electric Wins however is possibly the most complicated online slot I’ve come across.

Lets start with the screen layout. There are 6 reels  that have 3 symbols on each reel, but for some reason they are split into a “5 reels together and then a further reel set apart from the others”. Why?

Around the outside of the reels is a Monopoly board. When you play, your counter will move around the board first and then the reels will spin. There are no less than EIGHT different symbols on the Monopoly board that can affect what happens on the reels. We’ll cover those off further down.

And if this doesnt sound complicated enough already, then theres more. Even thought there are 729 Win Lines you can start playing for as little a 20p per spin. However, should you change your stake at any time during the game, this will also change what is happening on the Monopoly board around the reels.

As a player that does like to change my spin value from time to time depending on how I’m doing, this is an unneccessary complication – the more you wager, the more houses appear on the board. Along with hotels and purchased properties. And if you think this is sounding even more complicated now, taking a look at the 15 (FIFTEEN!!!!) pages of instructions isnt doing to make it much clearer.

Monopoly Electric Wins

Monopoly Electric Spins - General Gameplay

Once you’ve chosen your preferred spin stake then you are ready to go. Pressing the central start button will roll two dice. The total of these dice is the number of paces that you move round the board. If you land on a property then you automatically “buy” it – you’ll know which ones you have bought as they will have a green tick in the corner.

Once you own all the properties in a section, then just like in the board game you can start building houses and hotels onto those properties. This is done by landing on the property again. The first four times you land on it you will automatically build a house. And the fifth time you land on it you will build a hotel. You can only have one hotel on each property.

Completing a set of hotels will award the Free Spins Bonus. You’ll be awarded between 4 -16 Free Spins dependent on the roll of the two dice. However, if the total of the two dice is less than five then the dice will roll again and that total added to your first roll.

Monopoly Electric Wins review

Monopoly Electric Spins - Free Spins Round

Play Monopoly Electric Wins slot game

So, we’ve finally managed to access the Free Spins Round and you’ve been allocated your Free Spins. By this time your Monopoly board will be full of properties that have house and hotels on them. Each time you land on a property this time you will be allocated a Cash Reward.

This reward is a multiplier or your original bet and the more buildings that you have on the property you landed on has, the more you win. Once all your Free Spins have done you’ll be left with a final total which is added to your balance.

You’ll then go back to the main game and all those houses and hotels that you spent ages getting will disappear because the board gets reset…

Monopoly Electric Spins - A Guide To All The Symbols

I mentioned above that the Monopoly Electric Wins online slot not only has symbols on the reels, but also on the Monopoly Board around it. I’ll start with the board symbols as they affect what happens on the reels.

Monopoly Electric wins Free Parking

The first symbol is the Free Parking square. If you land on this then it will randomly add houses and hotels onto properties that you own.  This is a handy way to speed up getting the full set of hotels on a set of property cards that you need to activate the Free Spins feature.

Monopoly Electric Wins Go To Jail

This is the Go To jail symbol. Land on this and you…well, you go straight to Jail. However, you dont get any penalty as you can move on with your next spin so its pretty much useless. Whys it there? No idea – but I guess that monopoly isnt Monopoly unless you have a Go To Jail  symbol eh…

If you land on the Chance Card square on the Monopoly board then a number of Chance symbols will drop onto the reels. When the spin finishes the reels will reveal themselves to be one particular symbol, which could help you get a bigger win.

Monopoly Electric Wins Community Chest

The Community Chest symbol. if you land on this then a 2×2 Community Chest symbol will land on the reels and reveal itself to be four of the same symbol. Has the opportunity to help make bigger wins if it lands on reels two and three but it rarely does.

Monopoly Electric Wins Railways

There are four Railway symbols on the monopoly board. landing on any of these will move you to a random property on the board. If you own it then it will add a house or hotel to that property. Can be a (slow) way to get your hotels built up on the board for the Free Spins round

Monopoly Electric Wins Ring

The Ring square is where the Supertax square is on a normal Monopoly board. If you land on it then all lower paying reel symbols are replaced with higher paying reel symbols. if you manage to get a win that way then good luck…

Monopoly Electric Wins Waterworks bonus

One of the more useful squares on the Monopoly board, the Waterworks symbol will hover over one or more reels and turn the symbols into Wilds. Can be a good way of getting decent mulitiple line wins.

Monopoly Electric Wins Electric Company bonus

The final symbol is the Electric Company one. land on this square and it will activate the Lightbulb that is only ever found on Reel 6. This symbol will turn all Wild symbols for that spin only into x2 Multipliers, doubling any win that you have.

This last symbol might need a little more clarification. if you get a win that includes more than one Wild symbol then the multipliers are not multiplied together, but are added together first. So if you get a win with three Wild x2 symbols, your total win will be multipled by six (2+2+20. It would make more sense, as a multiplier if they were actually multiplied together (2x2x2) making it a 16x win which would be something to cheer.

What are Wagering Requirements and why do I need to be aware

Now that you know how to play the Monopoly Electric Wins Online Slot game you might want to try it for yourself. If you do then there are plenty of Online Casinos that have this game in their portfolio. Be aware though that this is a complicated beast and you might want to play Monopoly Electric Company in free play mode first to get used to it and to see if you like it. if you do, then Casumo offer this as a Free play game.

You can play at any of the following Online Casinos, and if you are a first time player with any of these casinos, there is quite a high chance that you will qualify for a New Player Bonus Offer.

With all New Player Bonus Offers there will be Terms and Conditions attached. Please make sure that you understand what these are as sometimes there are conditions that you will have to fulfil before you are able to withdraw any winnings.

Usually these Conditions will relate to what is know as a “Play Through” term.The simplest way to explain this is that any additional cash bonus or Free Spins Bonus will need to you play a certain amount of spins before you can withdraw. These spins do not always have to be on the same Online Slot Game, but will have a set number of spins that will have to be achieved before you are eligible to withdraw any winnings.

This may sound complicated but it really isnt. If for example you get a 100% deposit bonus for signing up at an Online Casino you may be required to wager this bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings. Another important thing to note is that wagering requirements can be different depending on what you are playing. So playing online slots might require you to wager your deposit and bonus a different amount of times than if you were playing poker or another table game.

Any wagering requirements only apply to your initial deposit and bonus that you get upon depositing. Every subsequent deposit that you make will not be subjected to any wagering requirements and you are free to deposit and withdraw as you feel.

Where to play Monopoly Electric Wins

Wagering requirements might sound scary but they really arent. Its just a way for the Online Caasino to protect itself from people potentially depositing, claiming a bonus and then withdrawing the entire sum.

So. Now its time to let you know where you can play this incredibly confusing and overblown online slot game.

Click on any of the links below to visit the Online Casino that you feel is best for you. And remember – have fun, but remember to stay in control. If you feel like your playing is getting out of hand, then take a break for a bit. Playing at an Online Casino should be a fun experience, not a distracting one.


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The Monopoly Electric Wins online slot is a complicated game to play and you’ll need to take some time to see if itsthe slot game for you. However, if you feel it doesnt quite fit what you are looking for, why not have a look at our latest slot reviews?